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Support LGBTQ charities

Support the LGBT+ community

We are notorious for our ability to unite during difficult times, during Covid-19, we are finding this is no different. Here are ways you can help charities through lock down.

Here’s how you can help and the charities who are working hard to support our community during difficult times.

Support is here

Albert Kennedy Trust with the hashtag #aktogether or following them on socials and help to share posts – every little thing helps!

Diversity Role Models are fundraising for their Reroute Your Commute campaign, details can be found here.

Opening Doors London are providing a Telefriending service for over 50 year olds. The organisation are also collaborating with Little Gay Brother have collaborated to produce the #LoveIsNotCancelled campaign to help reduce isolation during the COVID-19 outbreak. You can get their (very cool) charity t-shirt here – all profits raised go to Opening Doors London!

Switchboard are still running their incredible LGBT+ helpline service and are, as always, looking for donations. However, their biggest focus is ensuring those who need them the most are aware that Switchboard still operating. Switchboard also have put together an Emotional Wellbeing pack that can be downloaded and shared to help people through isolation and lock down.

MindOut, the LGBT+ mental health service is also still running online or phone support services. Raising awareness or sharing their efforts on social media can go a long way in helping this charity – as well as helping those in the LGBT+ community who may need these services.

The Terrence Higgins Trust are expanding their online services to support members of the community during lockdown. Terrence Higgins Trust At Home is a brand new hub which brings together services including free online counselling for people living with HIV, chlamydia and HIV tests through the post. You can also get advice and information online and over the phone. Spread the word so that those who may need it can get the support they deserve!  

How to get involved

Use social media

Share the love and share the amazing work that charities are doing using social media. Why not spread the word, follow and like our hard-working charities and build awareness for those that need their services.


We know what you’re thinking, ‘how can I volunteer and social distance at the same time?’ Various charities have moved their volunteering online, which means that you can be inducted without having to leave your home! Check out these volunteering opportunities… Donate your time to Opening Doors London by signing up to their Telefriending service. This service helps ease the loneliness of LGBT+ seniors during quarantine through daily 30 minute phone calls. This is a really wholesome way of giving back to those who may be completely isolated; for more information see the Opening Doors London website. The Albert Kennedy Trust are running remote volunteer inductions, find out more about this here. LGBT+ Muslim Support charity Hidayah are looking for volunteers with extra time to help find innovative ways to continue their amazing work under the constraints of quarantine. If you have ideas and free time then get in touch.

Engage in activities

Getting involved with some of the stay-at-home activities and virtual initiative available is a great way to support the community. As part of their #aktogether campaign, the Albert Kennedy Trust are hosting a series of videos, live q&as and interactive activities for LGBT+ people across the UK! Find out more and check our their #aktogether calendar here.

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Get involved in The Outside Project’s LGBTIQ+ mutual aid group and virtual community centre – find out more here.

Phone, message or contact

IntersexUK are encouraging members of the LGBT+ community to stay in touch with friends and relatives – and especially contacting those in your life who might need it most! We think this is great advice – and checking in on a friend who might be lonely doesn’t cost a thing!  

Donate products

If you work for a company which could donate bulk food products or entertainment packages, get in touch with The Outside Project! The Outside Project is opening up a new emergency hostel space to triple their capacity and house more LGBT+ homeless people. This option is not possible for everyone, but greatly appreciated if you are able to do this!

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