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Resilience through change

What is resilience?

The dictionary definition states that it is ‘the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.’ Let’s face it, right now we are facing with one of the biggest crisis we will probably come across in our lifetimes. So what’s needed is time to breathe and find our best weapon – our inner resilience.

So how do we use tips to help us to improve our resilience through changing and challenging times?

Here’s some tips based on a helpful resource from Mindapples. We will be looking at the American Psychology Association’s four characteristics of resilience and what you can do to ensure that resilience gets you through this period.



1. Make realistic plans and carry them out

We might think we have to do it all right now. Be the best parent whilst homeschooling, be a domestic goddess and have three meals a day prepped and cooked to perfections, and this is all whilst juggling a career. NO! Prioritise, get a plan for the short term, and that can be the next few hours, and if things don’t pan out – don’t panic.

If it can’t be done today, don’t beat yourself up, it can wait till tomorrow.

2. Have a positive view of yourself and your abilities

We might be going through adversity, but remind yourself of all the positives including those stretch assignments you aced, the recognition you’ve received and the skill sets you bring to the party. It’s easy to feel down during isolation and when getting through an overwhelming work load, but when you feel like this, the first thing to go is often your self confidence, DON’T LET IT!

3. Note down your skills in communication and problem solving

Talk it out and find the solutions…

Also through these times don’t be scared to ask for help from others, sometimes the worst problems are solved through the best collaboration. So pull in the people you need, bounce ideas off each other and work through it, make a plan (as in point one), be on the same page and get to it.

Ask for help…

We are all in the same boat and everyone is understanding, we are going through an unplanned pandemic, so if you are overwhelmed, juggling it all and not getting much further, schedule a call and try and work through it all with trusted colleagues and friends. If you are not going to meet a deadline, let the team know, you will probably be surprised and get help. This is far better than telling everyone post event that you haven’t managed to deliver.

4. Capacity to manage feeling and impulses

Coping skills are important. Mindapples suggest splitting these into ‘Coping’ and ‘Changing’, and cross referencing with ‘In your mind’ and ‘In the world’.

Regarding managing stressful moments. Ensure before you blow your top you take a second and evaluate the situation.


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