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Tips on the most common covid issues

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what advice would you give to those isolating on their own?

It’s hard to isolate on your lonesome and there are only so many self-improvement Ted talks you can listen to. Not hanging out with your Besties can have a negative effect on our mental wellbeing and may trigger feelings of loneliness, anxiety and stress. Even the solitary seeking amongst us might struggle – being on your own in the middle of a world pandemic might be a whole new experience.

Some basic survival tips are to have a routine, get yourself up, dressed, take regular breaks from the laptop and the news, try to look after your health for example, do not feast on junk food, set a daily goal and have a socially distanced conversation with someone if you’re feeling lonely, for example neighbours, colleagues, family and friends.

what tips for those experiencing relationship problems?

Look after yourself! If you’re in the lockdown together, added stress and the intensity of being in close proximity, 24 hours a day can take it’s toll. It is easy to become irritated with each other. Try to create some space for alone time, listen to music, read, have a longer shower, maybe take the dog for a walk. Recognise that this time can be stressfull for many and try and be patient.

Following an argument, try not to respond when you’re angry; cool down and if you’re feeling open enough, try chatting over what’s bugging you – also be prepared to hear some criticism.

Dating during the COVID emergency brings its own challenges and might lead to anxiety, but it’s also a chance to be creative and romantic. Be old fashioned and write letters, sex up your FaceTime sessions, maybe take this opportunity to really talk! But most of all stop screen checking, step away from the mobile… and breathe.

how can you make time as a parent working from home?

If you’re a parent, you’ll already know how challenging this unprecedented time is for the little folks… but also for you. Between homeschooling, PE with Joe, lunch, dinner, shopping and everything else, how do you manage your workload and grab a bit of adult time. Really simple – accept that you’re in this together and have to be flexible but enshrine one routine – bedtime. That’s adult time…

what happens if you’ve been furloughed – tips on filling your time?

After the initial shock or surprise, stay calm, accept that it’s an uncertain time and then create a new routine. Make time to talk to someone about how you’re feeling, try to fit in daily activity and maybe learn a new skill through the 1000s of online courses…

tips on managing change – i.e. dealing with stress and a crisis.

The COVID emergency is a totally new experiences for us all. It presented us with challenges and forced us into lockdown. Now that the Government is moving towards relaxing – albeit tentatively – the rules, we expect this will bring with it a whole new set of anxieties and stresses. When you’re feeling anxious, it’s so important to talk to someone about how you’re feeling, exercise control where you can, know you’re not alone, and remember that this is not permanent.

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