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If you find yourself not working, then pick yourself up and make this mini break work for you.

If your place of work is currently closed, there is lack of work to do during this time or the business will be economically challenged in the future, you may find yourself being asked to be furloughed. You can also ask to be furloughed, particularly if you have external pressures, such as child care, or if you are concerned about your health or family members in your household if you need to work.

You will receive 80% of your pay through the Government Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme up to a maximum of £2,500 a month. The minimum period you can be furloughed is three weeks.

It was announced in May that employees can be furloughed up until the end of October.

Some common questions:

Q. I have been furloughed but have not been paid yet…

Your employer should register that you are furloughed and will receive funds within six working days according to Government information. They are responsible for your pay as usual, but this should be paid quite soon after it is due now that the portal to register is open. If you were furloughed before this time, then you may need to wait for funds to come through, but the Government have said that there shouldn’t be a delay. If you are struggling without pay or a drop in income then take this up with your employer and ask for a date and keep in contact regarding a plan, there are also some benefits through the Government’s Universal Credits that you could be entitled to, as you are currently not working.


Q. I haven’t taken all my annual leave and being asked to take it during the furlough period…

If you are due statutory annual leave, the period you can take it in has been extended for two years.

New regulations will over ride any previous regulations about companies being fined for not ensuring employees take annual leave in a given year and other company policy on losing holiday if it is not taken.


Q. Can I volunteer or work on other projects?

You are able to volunteer to help causes you are passionate about as long as it isn’t making money. Whilst you cannot work for your employer who has furloughed you during the period, you can earn extra money but you need to check with your employer first.

“ You can be paid up to £2,500 or up to 80% of your wages using the scheme. ”

Key facts

You are still employed by your employer during this time.

Your employer should have put the furlough request into an letter or email.

Useful links

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